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Our philosophy

The growth of a company must be accompanied by a particular attention paid to environmental and social criteria

FoodXpert has defined a list of criteria which appear essential in the daily life of an activity such as energy consumption / the use of renewable energies, inventory and waste management or well-being at work and the improvement of employee skills

We are committed to supporting our partners in implementing an action plan linked to these criteria in a modular and flexible manner:


1. Inventory and identification of actions to be carried out;

Definition of the objectives to be achieved and the scope of the mission.

Overall audit: review of the entire operation of the company or the services concerned in order to identify the points to optimize and the strategy to deploy (help in carrying out a carbon assessment, teams interview...)

2. Definition of an action plan setting up some clear objectives to achieve

List of detailed points to put in place with order of priority and estimation of the objectives to be achieved according to a timetable

3. Support in implementation

Overall project management led by FoodXpert to support the company in the definition and implementation of new operating methods: establishing contact with service providers, monitoring the progress of the actions to be carried out, etc.


4. Monitoring and follow-up of objectives with recommendation of corrective actions if necessary.

At different deadlines set with the company, review of the actions implemented versus the objectives set and recommendations for corrective meaures if necessary  



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