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FoodXpert services

Our main passion is to create value by supporting entrepreneurs and investors in the world of Food & Beverage

We help entrepreneurs to develop, by building bridges with the financial industry, through the following three activities:


or "à la carte" support

With the experience of its team and its network, FoodXpert advises, supports and accelerates Food & Beverage players on a wide variety of missions in order to create maximum value

Strategic and financial structuring advice

  • Definition of the strategy

  • Implementation plan

  • Legal and financial organization of the company

  • Internal organization and HR

Support in financing and capital raising

  • Capital raising

  • Financing through banking partners

  • Leasing solution

  • Grants, Subsidies

  • Process optimization: culinary advice, specification sheets, health and safety

  • IT support: CRM, digital transfomation

  • Cost optimization: access to priviledged purchase conditions for raw materials, access to platforms

  • KPIs Implementation, outsourced financial department, financial services

Financial and operational optimization


  • Increasing distribution points: finding new locations, food-courts, hotels...

  • Growth in sales volumes: access to major distributors

  • Support in marketing and digital transformation: press, campaigns, social networks

Strategic advice

FoodXpert advises institutional investors, family offices and management companies in connection with the Food & Beverage universe

  • On trends and concepts

  • On mergers and acquisitions transactions

Market watch

Identification of investment targets

  • Identification of investment opportunities in line with the investor’s strategy

  • Preliminary targets' qualification

  • Management team

  • Concept, positioning

  • Product quality

  • Analysis, performance audit

Analysis of the investment targets

  • Advice to the investor on “tactical” and operational decisions

  • Identification of third party co-investors

Investment and operational monitoring

Acceleration of the investor's stakes

  • Deployment of FoodXpert's expertise

Assistance in the on-sale of stakes

  • Identifying and linking with potential third-party buyers

Capital investment

FoodXpert also invests directly and implements innovative Food and Beverage concepts in line with the changes in use identified by our experts: quality and traceability, health concerns and environmental awareness of the consumer and digitalization. 

​Four main factors are driving our decision process:

  • The team, the founders and human values

  • Innovation

  • Growth potential

  • The social and responsible aspect of the project

Concept design

By capitalizing on the FoodXpert network,  

we can accelerate an innovative concept very quickly and help increasing the number of sales points in a methodical and structured way.

Direct investment

FoodXpert may also invest directly in chains, concepts, FoodTech, food companies, innovative drinks...

Strategic advice

FoodXpert aims to help companies by re-injecting capital and accelerating operational redeployment and marketing

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